Using Multiple Layers to Get Stunning Visual Effects

I continue to be impressed by Camtasia by TechSmith, a video editor, and creation tool.  At $249 it’s not the least expensive solution on the market, but it does make up for that with its capabilities.  That’s not to say there are not more capable toolsets out there, but those tools can be much more difficult to use and cost over a thousand dollars.

Since this blog can be seen as a review as much as it can be seen as a tutorial lets preface it with, I don’t take consideration for reviews of products I mention in this blog.  Specifically, if I am reviewing or using a product I’ve purchased it with my own money and I am giving my unbiased opinion.  For more information on the policies of this blog consult my Disclosure page.

Using the Camtasia tool I built the video above in only a few minutes.  The effect was achieved by utilizing three separate tracks for each visual element.  What makes it all possible is Camtasia’s ability to layer the tracks and control the opacity of each track.  The topmost layer is the product logo.  The second and third layers are video clips downloaded from Storyblocks Video.  For a monthly subscription fee, Storyblocks Video provides a large selection of royalty-free video clips that can be downloaded in various formats.

Layer two is a clip of a lightning storm and the bottom layer is of a computer screen showing binary code scrolling.  By layering the lightning storm over the computer screen and setting its opacity to 50% it appears the lightning is coming from under the logo the topmost layer.

That’s all that’s to it.  Pretty impressive for only a few minutes work.

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